Friday, June 11, 2010

How to recover your Google App password

As a freelance web designer you may find that you have lost the url Google sent you through which you can open and set up mail boxes or for some reason you find that you have lost your Google Apps password here is a simple way to reset it without contacting Google Support directly.

In this case I set up a domain purchased through Google checkout for someone. Google normally sends an introductory or welcoming email to you admin email box used during the checkout. This email contains links and support information on how to open and configure several Google Apps bundled with the domain purchase. If you loose this mail it could be hard for you to get access to your Google Apps email set up. A simple way to gain access to and set up you Google Apps email is as follows:

  • Go to Google Apps homepage
  • Enter you domain name in the space for returning users
  • Select manage this domain from the drop down
  • hit go
  • Because your domain is set up to use Google Apps but is not yet set up, the page will display a link to reset your password if required.
  • Select to reset your password and hit  enter
  • Google will now automatically send a reset user name and password to the default admin email for that domain
  • Log to your email and follow the links to reset your password
  • For blogger the username is by default “bloggeradmin”, however, you will find that the email for bloggeradmin will not work properly. You may never be able to access the mail box for bloggeradmin. Google would have to figure that one out.
  • Enjoy
  • If you are the domain admin and you forgotten your password the same process would also reset your password and send a new password to the default email. Only this time you do this from the sign on page by clicking the ‘cannot access account’ link.


  1. I always tried to login as bloggeradmin and even post a question about that issue on the google apps forum. I don't know why is that happening, because you can login with any account you create.

    Thanks for the info

    kind regards

  2. Yes there is a problem with mail setup for bloggeradmin. Try creating another account from the scratch after removing bloggeradmin as an admin account and deleting it. It may just work. Be careful though. Make sure you have another domain admin account before proceeding to delete bloggeradmin.